Friday, November 11, 2011

Malachi Gilmore Hall

Malachi Gilmore hall
The Malachi Gilmore Hall in Oberon Street in Oberon is a fine art deco building that was designed by Italian architect Virgil Cizzio (who changed his surname to Renshaw) and was opened in 1937.

It was known as the Magna Theatre. A striking feature of the hall is the use of glass bricks.

It was built on land donated to the Catholic church in memory of Malachi Gilmore who had come to Oberon in 1872 and owned land in Oberon and the Duckmaloi area. It was originally built as a dance hall cinema, seating 310 people but has also been a cabaret venue, a skating rink and is currently a wool store.

The building was listed on the State Heritage Register in November 2003 and is also listed in the RAIA Register of significant 20th Century Buildings.

Glass brick wall of the building

Glass brick wall

First storey detail

first storey detail

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