Friday, November 11, 2011

Chelsea Theatre

Chelsea theatre
The Chelsea was located at 285 Homer Street in Earlwood and it first opened its doors on Wednesday the 16th of October 1940 with a seating capacity for 824 people.

It was listed for closure in 1958 along with its sister theatre up the road, The Mayfair. From 1975 to 1977 it came under the ownership of well known Greek personality Mr. Harry Michaels, however Harry chose to then show English speaking films and it was during this period that, amongst other things, it was used by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser to launch a campaign speech.

Around 1978 it began its rebirth as a retailing venture. It became known as Martin Jackson Furniture and Bedding, later Peter Hedges Furniture, both of which traded there for a number of years.

Eventually from 1992 to the present time it is enjoying the residency of "Earlwood Wines" which is a very popular Mediterranean Food and Boutique Wine outlet.

Historical photo (courtesy Wikipedia)

Source - Australia, the photographs

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