Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Commonwealth Bank - Roseville (Ex)

Roseville Commonwealth Bank
The land at 79-81 Pacific Highway, Roseville, was purchased by the Commonwealth Bank in 1924 and it wasn't until 1938 that the new two storey building was constructed. A feature of this Commonwealth Bank branch was the curved corner entrance vestibule. Banking operations were transferred to the new premises on Tuesday, 17 January 1939.

The former Commonwealth Bank bank and attached shops/dwellings in Roseville is an excellent representative example of the class of building constructed by the Commonwealth Bank during the 1930s. It was characterised by the exemplary and consistent application of the Art Deco style of architecture to its suburban branches which conveyed the image the Commonwealth Bank wanted to promote for itself.

The Commonwealth Bank closed the Roseville branch in March 1998.

Picture of the bank in 1959

Roseville branch in 1959

View of the building in 1992

The branch in 1992


- Ku-Ring_Gai Heritage Listings
- Commonwealth Bank Archives

More Art Deco information can be found on the DecoWorks Pty Ltd website.

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