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The Century Hotel

The Century Hotel
Originally known as Askeys and then as Caseys until March 1940, the Century Hotel was purchased by Tooth & Company in July 1923.

Located at 389 George Street Sydney it was originally only two storeys. On completion of rebuilding in January 1941 the Century Hotel was a six storeyed brick structure, with a malthoid roof and a fully tiled ground floor exterior.

The architectural style is known as P. & O. Ship Style because of its similarities to ocean liner forms. It is historically significant as part of a group of hotels like the Great Southern Hotel further along George Street, and the Hotel Broadway.

It is an important building in the professional career of the architectural partnership of Rudder and Grout, most noted for their hotel designs. It is aesthetically significant as a rare and outstanding example of a highly intact original Art Deco Hotel with an exterior and some intact interiors of high quality design.

Liverpool facade

Liverpool street facade

Facade detail on Liverpool street

Facade detail Century Hotel

Internally the building contains a semi-circular stair which features full height glazing. The stair retains part of its original railing and timber panelling. The bar at the first floor is original and features plaster cornices, mirrors and reed glass and cocktail bar. Below is a phot of the staircase.

Century Hotel Art Deco staircase

(source Sydney Heritage Listings)

Historical photographs from the Noel Butlin Archives Centre at the ANU;

- Before rebuilding

- After rebuilding

- Public bar

- Saloon bar

More Art Deco info can be found at DecoWorks Pty Ltd.

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