Friday, November 11, 2011

The Hayden Orpheum

The Hayden Orpheum
The Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace at 380 Military Road in Cremorne is the jewel in the crown of surviving Art Deco cinemas in Australia. Listed in the RAIA Register of Significant 20th Century Buildings the theatre was built in 1935 and designed by G N Kenworthy and built by by Angelo Virgona.

In December 1986, Mike Walsh bought the historic Cremorne Orpheum under his company Hayden Theatre Pty. Ltd, initially spending $2.5 million on its restoration. It was reopened in December 1987. The Orpheum's interior replicates all the original art-deco fittings, color schemes, lighting and design. The outstanding namesake "Orpheum" auditorium has a Wurlitzer pipe organ that raises and lowers through a trapdoor in front of the screen.

Front entrance

Front entrance

The candy bar

Foyer ceiling light detail

Another style of ceiling light

Art Deco style wall mirror

View up stairs to theatres

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