Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pymble Hotel

Pymble hotel
This Art Deco hotel is located at 1134 Pacific Highway in Pymble. The Pymble Hotel is yet another interwar Art Deco hotel built in 1939 whose outstanding feature is the sun ray brickwork design on the front and side facades. Each brick has been individually shaped to form each radiating ray on the feature.

The Art Deco hotel decoration is very similar to that of the Zetland hotel. It shares the prominant vertical decoration on the facade (albeit smaller), leadlight windows and cream tiles.

Brick sun ray design

Pymble hotel sun ray design

Variation of front facade motif at the side entrance

Pymble hotel side entrance

Leadlight window

Leadlight window

Street level tiles

Pymble street level tiles

More Art Deco information can be found on the DecoWorks Pty Ltd website.

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