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The Light Brigade Hotel

The Light Brigade Hotel
Built in 1939, the Light Brigade Hotel is an exceptional example of Inter War Functionalist style commercial architecture designed by Sidney Warden which dominates the intersection at Jersey Road and Oxford Street in Paddington. It is a prominent landmark in this part of the street. Sidney Warden designed numerous Art Deco hotels around Sydney.

The Light Brigade is a hotel which has tried to maintain some of its Art Deco style when the owners renovated. The interior of the Light Brigade hotel is cosy with lots of period touches. There is a nice horse motif on the frosted glass door panels which has an interesting history outlined below. It is just one of the many fine details that are scattered around the hotel.

If you are ever in Paddington on a weekend it is well worth dropping in for a refreshment to enjoy the ambience.

View of the main bar

Main bar of the light brigade

Another view of the main bar

Another main bar view

The horse motif on the door glass panel (shown below) is a reproduction of a moulded glass car mascot designed by Rene Lalique. It was called "cinq cheveaux" (five horses) and was first introduced in 1925 after the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris.
It's inclusion in the decor of the Light Brigade hotel demonstrates the care and attention to detail that went into the refurbishment.

Window motif - Cinq Cheveaux

Cing Cheveaux window motif

Source City of Sydney Heritage Listings

More Art Deco info can be found at DecoWorks Pty Ltd.

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