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Kinselas Hotel

Kinselas Hotel
Kinselas Hotel at 383-387 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst contains a former funeral chapel within the building that is an important example of the work of major architect C. Bruce Dellit. Despite modifications it remains one of the finest Art Deco style interiors in metropolitan Sydney and New South Wales.

Kinselas Funeral Parlour

In the second half of 1932 the firm of Charles Kinsela engaged the young architect to remodel the building for use as a funeral parlour, to design new chapels, office and residential accommodation, preparatory to taking up occupation of the premises.

Today the remaining chapel, despite its modified state, is sufficiently intact to represent an important example of Dellit's work as a major Interwar architect. Further, it is amongst the finest remaining funery spaces in metropolitan Sydney from the 1930s and a fine local example of the Art Deco style. The porch on Bourke Street is also evidence of this phase of the building's history.
Photos don't do the space justice so if your ever in Sydney drop in for a coffee or a drink and enjoy the ambience.

The entrance to Kinselas chapel
Note the beautiful Art Deco crucifix.

Entrance to Kinselas chapel

Interior of Kinselas chapel

Interior of Kinselas chapel

Another view of Kinselas chapel

Another view inside the chapel

It's easy to see the Hyde Park Anzac War Memorial, another example of Dellit's work, in the lines of the walls and ceiling of the chapel.

Wall light fittings in the chapel

Wall lights in the chapel

The stunning chapel ceiling

Kinselas chapel ceiling

(source City of Sydney Heritage Listings)

More Art Deco info can be found at DecoWorks Pty Ltd.

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